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Servicing & Maintenance

Look after your dive gear, diving equipment needs to be serviced and maintained to ensure your safety.

Don’t neglect your gear.

We service and repair most makes and models of scuba equipment.

Tanks have to be inspected and tested by EU law, for other dive equipment there are no laws to abide by, however it is recommended to have equipment serviced annually.

TANKS – Visual Inspection (annually) – € 10.00 (includes valve service)
                Hydrostatic Test (every 5 years) – €25.00

REGULATORS – Service – €50.00 (service kits extra €25.00-50.00 dependant on make)

BCD'S – Service – €15.00 (parts charged extra)

DRYSUITS – Neck seal – Price upon request
                      Wrist seal – Price upon request
                      General repairs – price upon request